Choose the Best TEFL Course: A Guide for Nonsense

We’ll get straight to the point: selecting a TEFL class. Like choosing which show to binge on next. What you want is something that keeps you riveted to the screen while also making you feel you’re learning. It’s the same with TEFL; you need a course that is comfortable and makes you feel like you are learning. You can get the best guide on TEFL Cape Town.

First, what is the best way for you to learn? For those who need the classroom experience, online courses could leave them drowsy. You can still enjoy online courses if that’s what you like to do. What you enjoy is what counts.

Let’s move on to the details–course depth and duration. You can compare it to choosing between going on a long backpacking trip or taking a quick weekend break. It’s easy to choose the weekend trip, and it is. But will you get all the fun? At least 120 training hours are required by employers. They want to know that the candidate is dedicated and hasn’t merely skimmed through.

Your best friend on this journey is accreditation. Imagine you’ve bought concert tickets for an aspiring band, but they turn out to be a false representation of the original act. Keep your courses to those that have been recognized as reputable by ACCET (or their international equivalents). So, instead of causing eyebrows to raise when you show off your new shiny certificate, it will actually open up doors.

You have an affinity for kids. Are you more into business professionals? A specialization will make you standout in the sea of job applicants. Imagine being known for making the world’s best apple pies instead of another baker.

You can choose a course based on where you want to teach. If you’re a teacher, do you dream about teaching English at the foot of Japan’s cherry trees or in Spain during fiestas? A lot of courses will include tips on how to find a job in the area. This can be incredibly helpful when first starting out.

We’ll talk about turkey. You can pay more later if the course you took was less substantive than it should have been.

Ask alumni about their experiences before you decide. The alumni will tell you the truth if this course was worth your time.

It doesn’t take rocket science to find the perfect TEFL class. But it may require some traditional thinking, and possibly some soul-searching. The key is to strike the balance between what’s best for you, your mind and your heart. At the end of it all, you want to be able to enter those virtual (or not) classrooms feeling inspired. Get your coffee (or even tea), get ready to roll up the sleeves and dig into what’s going to propel you on your next exciting adventure. The patchwork of humankind can only be completed by putting together eclectic looks.

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