Tales and Tails, the Art of Naming Your Eclectic Canine Crew

Now let’s talk https://meinehundenamen.com/. My dog names to be precise. It’s almost like getting a permanent tattoo. You won’t change it every single week, unless you want your pet to be confused. This whole naming process has been a long and winding road for me.

Kafka came first. Before you think that I am a literary snob and a jerk, let me explain. This dog’s eyes looked as if he were always lost in thoughts, wondering why his human called him to bathe when clearly mud was what suited him best. Franz Kafka’s name was not chosen to be fancy, but rather to match his “old soul” vibe.

Schnitzel was next. If you’re laughing at the name, your mission is accomplished. She was a dachshund who loved food more than any other creature I have ever seen. In a strange way, calling her Schnitzel made sense. It was always a hit with the people in the park.

Enter Tesla. This is not the name of the car, but Nikola Tesla. This Australian Shepard could outsmart my best days, and had the energy to power up a small city. He was one smart cookie or should I say an electric biscuit.

Then Pudding came into our world; a squishy English Bulldog, with a face that was so soft you could not help but squeeze it. Sweet and soft like…well…pudding! The name of his son was like a perfect fit, like the snug pajamas of a lazy Sunday morning.

Odin is a popular choice among those who are interested in mythology. Odin was a Norse deity with stature and strength to match. His eyes told stories from ancient times, or maybe he just remembered the last time that he stole sausages.

Pixie was one mischievous Jack Russell Terrier, with springs on her legs. She had an unending supply of energy. She was a Jack Russell Terrier with springs for legs and an endless supply of energy. Her name suited her perfectly, as she ran around with joy and would sometimes disappear into thin-air (or at least that’s what it looked like when trying to find her).

Austen was soon added to our team – inspired, of course, by Jane Austen. This Golden Retriever was a source of peace and joy, much like reading Pride and Prejudice on a calm afternoon.

Echo was the last dog to arrive – a Border Collie with a genius for vocal mimicry and a Border Collie. He was named Echo because of his ability in mimicking sounds, from cat meows to doorbells.

This book is full of crazy stories about dogs. Kafka, Schnitzel, Tesla, Pudding, Odin, Pixie, Austen & Echo are just a few.

The names chosen were not based on what was popular or a desire to stand out (pun intended). It was important to give them a name that captured their unique quirks.

There will be less tears, and more excitement. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere. And most people do this by saying “hello” incorrectly at least twice. Have fun! Smack dab in between memories that are just waiting to happen.